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DMA application notes


For the principles and history of DMA please see the book chapter in Handbook of Polymer Testing - Physical methods - Editor Roger Brown and another 146 references on DMA in chapter 21.  ISBN 0-8247-0171-2 published by Marcel Dekker.

Thermal Conductivity

www.lasercomp.com  State of the art instruments with new developments at least yearly.  Autosamplers too.  Covering vacuum panels, aerogels, foams, solids and liquids and most metals or alloys too.  T range is from -10C for foams to over 250C for more solid materials.  For the last 15 to 20 years these have been the world market leaders and two such apparatus are in use both at the National Physical Lab in Teddington and at the BBA in Garston who test all building material used in the UK market.


Thermal Expansion Testing

Notes to follow

Polymer Standards

For deuterated polymers and monomers,  low polydispersity co-polymers and polymers for calibration or research.  Please see www.polymersource.com and www.ampolymer.com for most of our range.  We offer an educational discount to Universities in Europe.

www.pcn.org- Polymer Consultants Network

This group of independent consultants can advise on most common polymer production or use problems encountered and cover most industries and the world.

SPE Consultants Circle

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