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1.  DMA tests for glass transitions (Tg)

Rapid contract testing on our own apparatus here from 0 to 150C (or 250C max -according to the material).


2.  Thermal conductivity and specific heat

We offer contract testing on Dynamic Mechanical (Thermal) Analysis - DMA or DMTA which often shows much more subtle differences than other techniques such as DSC or even mDSC!  In particular the glass transitions (Tg) for even minor components in a blend or composite material or foodstuffs,  and can even look at a few milligrammes of a valuable pharmaceutical or research material using the patented material pockets on probably the most sensitive DMA available on the market.

3. Thermal expansion measurement using TMA

TMA or thermal mechanical analysis measures the thermal expansion of most materials.  This is to iso 11359 and to ASTM E831 and other International standards too,  using the very latest TA Instruments TMA apparatus installed earlier this year.

4.  Other thermal analysis methods can be offered as well such as DSC or TGA

5.  Polymer standards and co-polymers

Polymer standards and co-polymers for research or calibration of GPC or SEC etc apparatus with academic discounts to Universities in Europe.  We can supply from www.polymersource.com and www.ampolymer.com as well as from others. A full list can be downloaded here.

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